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What is Ad-Network?

Ad-network is a digital advertising platform that can be used, one of which is on several digital marketing services that are used to advertise online in several publishers/media. Ad-network services are widely used by advertisers to complement their digital plans to get a wider reach for digital brands/campaigns (promotions).

Ad-network was one of the first pieces of advertising technology to emerge in the mid-'90s when online advertising first started. Ad-network services are responsible for the same thing as today which is helping advertisers buy ad space available across multiple publishers.

Table of Contents

Page 01: Cover
Page 02: What is ad-network?
Page 03: Why is ad-network? (1)
Page 04: Why is ad-network? (2)
Page 05: Publishers & Advertisers benefits

Page 06: Publishers benefits
Page 07: Advertisers benefits
Page 08: Indonesia footprints
Page 09: Targeting options
Page 10: Rich media (Ad Types)
Page 11: Rich media format sample
Page 12: Video ad sample
Page 13: CTA ad sample
Page 14: Dynamic rich media sample
Page 15: Calculator rich media sample
Page 16: In-Game solution ad sample
Page 17: Data collection ad sample (1)
Page 18: Data collection ad sample (2)
Page 19: Floating ad sample (2)
Page 20: End Intro
Page 21: Contacts
Page 22: End Cover

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Digital Marketing

If you are planning to do digital promotions and plan to reach a wider network and audience, this ad-network service might be a solution that can be used for your brand/campaign because with the ad network, you can advertise on/from several publishers for your campaign brand or product.

This ad-network platform is programmatic and will improve the performance of your digital promotions, by "Connecting Your Brand With Your Audience Through Engaging Ad Formats", driving more potential clients to your business. It can also increase the value of your brand which can encourage you to achieve a return (ROI - Return Of Investment) on your investment.

Digital Download

To find out more what are the benefits that publishers and advertisers get, and why ad-network can be an option for promotion? Click here to see some points and various types of advertisements from ad-network services in the form of e-books for your information pocket, anytime and anywhere.

If you plan to do so, you can contact SR Digital - Indonesia to consult your digital branding and promotion planning, which also provides ad-network service for your digital planning.


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